Woman Sues Her Own Parents For Taking Ang Pow Money And Refusing To Pay For Uni

Woman Sues Her Own Parents For Taking Ang Pow Money And Refusing To Pay For UniWoman Sues Her Own Parents For Taking Ang Pow Money And Refusing To Pay For Uni

Did your parents ever give you back your ang pow money?

If you grew up in an Asian family – whether Chinese, Malay or Indian, you would have received money from your relatives during some points in your life as a kid. 
In so many Asian cultures, money is given as a gift or as a blessing. We receive ang pows (or red packets) or money packets of any colour during festive seasons and even birthdays. 
But chances are, your parents would have kept that money for “safeguarding” for the future. Many of us eventually get this ang pow money back from our parents. 
However, this woman in China, did not get her money back and she decided to sue her parents for it after they refused to pay for her university fees. 

Woman sues parents over ang pow money

woman sues parents

Source: Pixabay

The woman, who is only known by the name Juan, successfully sued her parents for keeping her ang pow money over the years after her parents refused to pay for her university tuition fees. 

She claimed that her parents had “stolen” about 58,000 yuan (approx. US$8,500) worth of red packets money given to her throughout her childhood.

The court ruled in her favour and her parents were ordered to give her a monthly fee of 1,500 yuan (approx. US$220) for her university. 

“Parents must make it clear to their children that they are only keeping the money for them and not taking it away. The money should remain under the ownership of the children who receive it,” the court said in a statement on Weibo.

Illegal for parents to keep ang pow money

woman sues parents

Source: Shutterstock

This ruling only solidifies that Asian parents should give their children back their rightful money once they come of age. 

Netizens have been amused by this and have laid down their opinions. 

“To be honest, people gave us red packets because our parents were also giving them out, so it’s fair,” one netizen wrote. 

“Many parents think children are their own property, so of course they take the money as well,” another added.

But one comment Asian netizen suggested resonated well with the crowd: “Try telling your mother that it is illegal for her to take your red packet money away. See whether she will scold you.”

Well, we’d like to see any Asian kid try to stand up to their parents with that! 


Woman sues parents, Asians go crazy online! What do you think of this case? Let us know in the comments. 

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