Women Are Getting Paid MORE Than Men In THIS Country

Women Are Getting Paid MORE Than Men In THIS Country

It is partly due to the fact that Indonesia is a fast-growing country.

Much has been said about the gender pay gap (women earning less than men for the same job), but in one Southeast Asian country, the pay gap is reversed. Women are paid more than their male counterparts for the same job in… Indonesia.

Yup. That’s right. Indonesia, one of the countries with the worst gender pay gaps just a decade ago, can now say that (some) women earn more than men.

However, women in Indonesia are still less likely to hold top positions in companies. This is according to consulting firm Korn Ferry.

women are paid more

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The firm also revealed that globally, men were paid more than women with a 16.1% gap. However, when comparing the pay for men and women at the same job level, the gap narrowed to 5.3, and it narrowed further to 1.5% when they work at the same company and the same level.

For men and women working at the same level at the same company and performing the same function, the pay gap narrows to merely 0.5%. These are very encouraging numbers considering how long the fight against gender pay gap has been going on.

Women are paid more in Indonesia

women are paid more

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And in Indonesia, surprisingly, though the overall gender pay gap in Indonesia is 5.3%, women do earn more than men at the same job level.

At the same job level, women are paid 1.2 percent more than men. If they work at the same level at and at the same company, women are paid 1.7% more.

If you look at at the same level at the same company and performing the same function, women are paid 4.1% more than their male counterparts!

It’s not just about pay

women are paid more

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One point that Korn Ferry points out is that the gender-related pay gap is not only about unequal pay, but also the lack of women in high-paying positions. Top level positions are typically held by men, which increases the average pay for men.

However, it does note that Indonesia’s overall gap pay is narrower than that of other countries, including Vietnam at 17.6%, China at 12.7%, India at 16.1%, the United States at 17.6% and Brazil at 26.2%.

Indonesia is classified as a fast-growing country. And diverging from the global trend, fast-growing countries, women are paid more when at the same company at the same level (1.3%) and for the same function (3.1%) as men.

Dhritiman Chakrabarti, senior client partner at Korn Ferry Hay Group, believes that the gender pay gap can be addressed “if there is an ongoing effort to enable, encourage and select talented women to take on and thrive in challenging roles”.


It is great to see the gender pay gap narrowing and to know women are paid more in Indonesia. What else do you think needs to be improved to close the gender pay gap? Let us know.

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