Singapore Will Have 3 Female Full Ministers For The First Time In History

Singapore's government will soon be younger and more diverse. Learn about the women of the new Singapore Cabinet here.

Starting May 1, 2018, the Singapore Cabinet will undergo a reshuffling that would see new ministers in three ministries, and two new ministers to the Prime Minister's Office. But this 2018 Singapore Cabinet Reshuffle is especially significant because for the first time in history, there will be three women in Singapore Cabinet.

The women in Singapore Cabinet

Here's who they are, and what you should know about them.

Grace Fu

women in singapore cabinet

Source: Grace Fu/Facebook

Fu will retain her post as the Minister for Culture, Community & Youth. She was appointed in 2015, making history as the first female full minister to helm her own ministry.

Fu began her career as an auditor with OUB in the 80s, and has since worked in corporate planning, finance, and marketing. She began her political career in 2006, when she was elected as a Member of Parliament.

Josephine Teo

women in singapore cabinet

Source: Josephine Teo/Facebook

A previous minister at the Prime Minister's Office, Josephine Teo will serve as the Manpower Minister. She will also continue serving as the Second Minister for Home Affairs.

49-year-old Teo was the second mand after Grace Fu to be promoted to full minister. Like Fu, Teo began her career in 2006, when she entered Parliament as an MP. Since then, she has has served portfolios in Transport, Finance, and Foreign Affairs.

Indranee Rajah

women in singapore cabinet

Source: Indranee Rajah

Indranee Rajah, 55, was Deputy Speaker of Parliament from 2006 to 2011, and later served as the Senior Minister of State for Law and Education. She then assumed the position of Senior Minister of State for Finance and Law in 2015.

She will become a full minister in the Prime Minister's Office, and will be the third female full minister in the Cabinet.


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