5 Essential Tips To Get Rid Of Working Mom Guilt FOR GOOD

5 Essential Tips To Get Rid Of Working Mom Guilt FOR GOOD5 Essential Tips To Get Rid Of Working Mom Guilt FOR GOOD

You shouldn’t feel guilty for having a career and providing for your family. Banish that working mom guilt for good with these helpful tips.

Are you a working mum who constantly feels guilty about not being able to be everywhere with your child? Working mom guilt is real, you and I both know it and have felt it, repeatedly.

Working mum guilt: How to deal with it

But remember, your vibe attracts your tribe. Here are some top tips on managing and overcoming working mom guilt and spinning it positively

1. Stay away from negative people

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Our thoughts are heavily influenced by the people around us. If you surround yourself with negative thoughts and people, you’ll be attracting negativity into you and your child’s life. Each person has their own journey and experiences life differently. Choose your surroundings wisely to suit YOUR OWN path and not someone else's.

2. Embrace your decision to be a working mum

So you’re not able to be a parent volunteer at your child’s school (note: it’s not like teachers enjoy having parents around all the time!) or able to attend all school trips with your child. All that doesn’t matter as long as you are still in touch with your child’s life.

Keep that connection intact by bonding with them, and your child will always love and appreciate you. In my seven years as a teacher, I’ve learned that children often want to grow up to be like mum. If you show your child that you are passionate about your job, they will likely grow be passionate in the career path that they choose.  

To your child you are their world, so be a happy role model, because that’s what you want them to be.

3. Put your technology away: Quality vs Quantity time

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Mums who work often rush home directly from work in the evenings to spend time with their children, and rightly so! Your child deserves some mummy time, but not with your smartphone in bed as well. Put away that technology!

Ten minutes of reading and cuddling in bed is vastly better than three hours of having your child around you with barely any intimate contact. Every moment counts

4. Make some ME time

After working long hours, you may end up feeling like a robot at times, but don’t forget that you’re only human. You need to make some ME time for yourself to rejuvenate and replenish your energy so you can be the best working mum you can be.

While your child needs to see you feeling happy and confident about your life, it’s only natural to feel burnt out at times. So go visit the spa, do your nails, meditate, practice yoga, hit the gym. Whatever your choice of stress-buster may be, make sure you make time for it.

5. Surround yourself with other working mums and people who get you

Feeling understood is an essential need in all of our lives. We all want to have a sense of belonging, and this comes from our family and friends who truly understand us. Speak to other working mums to reassure yourself you are not alone on this “working mum boat”.

We all have challenges as parents. The reality is, stay-at-home mums have it tough too. Some don’t even get a toilet break alone! Be grateful for having that quiet time during your commute to work and embrace the title of being a “working mum” sans guilt!

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