How To Work Harmoniously With People You Don't Like: 7 Tips To Keep Your Cool

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Nobody said you have to like your coworkers to work together.

Have you ever had to work with someone you just didn't like? Join the club.

Working with people you don't like?

Here are some tips to make working with people you dislike bearable.

1. Remember: You don’t have to like everyone

working with people you don't like

Is it their high-pitched laugh? Their unsolicited opinions on pop culture? The way they breathe with their mouth? These may not be the most rational things to dislike someone over, but that’s okay.

You can’t expect to like every single person who crosses your path. Don’t feel bad about not liking someone for what seems like no good reason—that doesn’t make you a bad person. And that doesn’t make them a bad person either.

2. Be the bigger person

working with people you don't like

You know what makes you a bad person? Treating someone terribly, just cause you feel like it. Do your best to approach everyone—even people you don’t like—with civility, even kindness. Especially if you have to see them every day at the office.

Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you have to act on those feelings. Don’t let them your feelings get the better of you and cause yourself to lash out. You don’t want to gain the reputation of “office bully”.

3. Remain polite

working with people you don't like

If you disagree with someone, you don’t have to be rude about it. And it’s especially easy to be rude when you’re dealing with someone who isn’t exactly your favourite person.

Remain professional by focusing on the issue at hand instead of attacking the person. Make a habit of remaining professional at all times and your reputation can only benefit.

4. Find allies, but don’t be a gossip

working with people you don't like

The appeal of talking sh*t about your coworker is undeniable, but that’ll just make you come off badly and people might feel less likely to trust you. After all, what could you be saying behind their backs? Instead of trying to forge bonds over mutual dislike, find like-minded people you can trust to have your back.

5. Choose your battles

working with people you don't like

Let’s say your coworker does something that really ticks you off. Do you have to bring it up and risk it turning into something bigger than it is?

Remember: not all issues are worth your time and energy. Sometimes, it’s healthier to just let things slide.

6. Give yourself some breathing room

working with people you don't like

If your coworker is really getting on your nerves, give yourself some space so you can calm down before dealing with them. If you’re able to physically remove yourself from the situation, do that. This could mean stepping out for a calming walk, or even just a few minutes in the office bathroom to get your bearings.

7. Don’t let them steal your joy

working with people you don't like

The worst thing your negative feelings can do to you is ruin your outlook. Don’t dwell on how much you dislike them and develop a negative mindset. Instead, take some time to understand your feelings, and cultivate your positive thoughts.

How do you deal with working with people you don't like? Let us know in the comments!

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