World Cancer Day: 7 Ways To Support A Friend With Cancer

World Cancer Day: 7 Ways To Support A Friend With CancerWorld Cancer Day: 7 Ways To Support A Friend With Cancer

They may not always come to you for help, but they will appreciate it when you offer help.

World Cancer Day is February 4 and it’s coming up this weekend. If you have a friend or family member with cancer, show them some support this year by extending some acts of kindness.

Not many of us are aware of World Cancer Day, much less contribute to its cause. We don’t actually need a lot money to be able to support people with cancer. Sometimes, just a few words of affirmation would do.

But in any case, if you’re lost and don’t know what to say or do when it comes to cancer patients, here are some tips for you to follow.

World Cancer Day: Support friends with these tips

world cancer day

1. Spend time with them

If you’re planning to visit your friend who has cancer, ask permission first. Make sure they have no plans for the weekend before dropping in.

2. Small acts of kindness

Always try to offer some help. Your friend might not feel comfortable asking for help. So, take the initiative to extend your assistance. It can be something as small as watching their pet or buying them groceries or simply helping them do house chores. These little gestures go a long way and what may seem effortless to you may be quite challenging for them.

3. Don’t treat them any differently

Yes, they have cancer. Everyday they are reminded of that. They don’t need further reminders by everyone treating them differently. Don’t let their condition get in the way of your friendship or the way you act around them.

world cancer day

4. Don’t focus on the cancer

If they bring it up, then that’s fine. But apart from asking them how they are feeling, try not to talk about the cancer too much. Ask them about their family, their job, their interests and hobbies, or ANY other topic not related to cancer. They talk about it enough to their doctors and other acquaintances, they could use a break from the same old conversation.

5. Be truly interested

Most cancer patients will have a blog or a note to share with friends. Take the time to read it. Stay up to date with these posts so your friend doesn’t have to repeat themselves. When you visit them, really listen to what they’re saying and put your phone away as much as possible.

6. Plan a night-in with your friend

You know your friend best and what they like. Would they totally love a Disney movie marathon or an NBA rerun? Schedule a night and spend the whole night with them doing things they love. This will build your bond and friendship and at the same time, take their minds off their condition for a while.

7. Support their fundraiser

If your friend or their family decides to start a fund for their treatment, then contribute to it. Beyond just giving money, find other ways to support the fundraiser by offering your expertise. If you’re good with tech, set up the fundraising website page for them. If you’re good with design, help with the poster. Should your friend decide to host an event for their fundraiser, help out in anyway you can too.

Having a real friend around can really help with the healing process. Don’t forget after they are done with their treatment, they will also need all the encouragement and support they can get. Be there with them from start to end to show your sincerity and love.


Did you find any of these tips helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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