World's Weirdest Jewellery: 9 Of The Most Bizarre Jewellery You'll Ever See

World's Weirdest Jewellery: 9 Of The Most Bizarre Jewellery You'll Ever SeeWorld's Weirdest Jewellery: 9 Of The Most Bizarre Jewellery You'll Ever See

From breast milk to computer chips to human teeth, jewellery has been made from the strangest things. Here are just some of the world's weirdest jewellery.

Dell recently announced that it would start making jewellery with gold extracted from discarded computer parts. Sounds like pretty weird jewellery, but the resulting pieces are actually quite pretty and totally wearable.

World's weirdest jewellery:

If you think making jewellery from computer parts is strange, you ain't seen nothing yet. Here are some of the weirdest jewellery that we've ever encountered.

1. Human teeth jewellerys

weirdest jewellery
Image: Facebook/Ecouterre

Instead of gemstones, these rings use REAL human teeth. Australian artist Polly van der Glas makes jewellery from human hair, fingernails, and yes, human teeth. "I feel myself asking as I wear the tooth ring out to dinner; what was the last meal this tooth ate?" she says.

...not exactly the kind of thing I like thinking about while I'm eating, but that's definitely food for thought.

2. Hair jewellery

weirdest jewellery
Image: Facebook/Kerry Howley

You know how your hair sometimes sticks to the bathroom walls when you're taking a shower? Artist Kerry Howley's works sorta remind us of that. She takes hair and turns them into jewellery.

2. Taxidermy jewellery

weirdest jewellery
Image: Facebook/Precious Creature

Taxidermy jewellery isn't new—though rare, it's been around since the Victoria era. Creepy? Yes. But when you're wearing one of these pieces, you can bet that nobody else will be accessorized like this.

4. Roadkill jewellery

weirdest jewellery
Image: Facebook/Jeweller Magazine

Artist April Hale takes roadkill and turns their skins and bones into jewellery. Though people have been wearing animal products since the beginning of time (see above), something about wearing roadkill makes people recoil. Guess having the bones laid out like that doesn't help.

5. Cut up Barbie dolls

weirdest jewellery
Image: Facebook/Margaux Lange

Jewellery designer Margaux Lange takes Barbie doll parts and turns them into eye-catching jewellery. There's something eerie about the disembodied doll parts, but these are definitely not the creepiest pieces on this list.

6. Contact lens jewellery

weirdest jewellery
Image: Youtube/Eric Klarenbeek

In 2008, Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek created a completely new kind of jewellery that made many of us very, very uncomfortable. He attaches crystals and flowers to contact lenses with a thin wire so they dangle just below your eye, like teardrops.

7. Ice jewellery

weirdest jewellery

We know one of the diamond's many nicknames is "ice", but these pieces jewellery by artist Katharina Ludwig takes that to a literal level. Because they're bound to melt when worn (unless you're literally chilling out in subzero weather), just remember to bring a towel. And maybe another change of clothes.

8. Breast milk jewellery

weirdest jewellery
Image: Facebook/Mamma's Liquid Love Breast Milk Jewelry

From just glancing at this ring, you wouldn't think that there was something particularly unusual about it. But its stone is made from breast milk. Making jewellery from breast milk has been getting popular over the past 5 years or so, and looking at the finished product, we totally understand why.

9. Gallstone jewellery

weirdest jewellery
Image: Facebook/Cavtribes

Pretty baubles usually aren't the first thing that come to mind when you think about gallstones. That hasn't stopped some people from taking their gallstones and turning them into jewellery. And we have to admit that the results aren't bad at all.

Were these not some of the weirdest jewellery you've ever seen? Seen weirder? Share in the comments!

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