Young Man Commits Suicide After Allegedly Being Raped By Male Boss

It is an absolutely TRAGIC story.

Women are not the only targets of sexual harassment at work. This young man in Shenzhen recently committed suicide after allegedly being raped by his male boss.

According to China Times, the 25-year-old accountant had joined his company less than a year ago. He was said to be very handsome, tall and fit.

Things seemed to be in order until one night, at a company dinner, he was drugged by his colleagues. His colleagues then “offered” the man to their boss, who was said to have homosexual tendencies.

The man was allegedly raped and had compromising photos of him taken while he was unconscious. These photos were later uploaded onto the Internet and circulated on a gay website.

young man commits suicide

Source: Seehua

Though it is not clear whether the victim realised he was raped, when he found out about the pictures, it caused him to sink into depression.

The depression led him to commit suicide. He jumped off the 10th floor of his apartment building to his death, leaving behind his wife and two young children.

It was reported that his family members had gone and filed a complaint to his company. But when Chinese media questioned the firm, they denied the sexual assault and blamed his suicide on work pressure.

young man commits suicide

Source: Seehua

The company alleged that his performance was not up to par. They also added that he had failed to meet the company’s requirements, which had caused his distress.

They claimed that his resignation from the company prior to his suicide had nothing to do with them.

Chinese netizens who saw the news were shocked and reminded their male friends that they had to protect themselves. Meanwhile, others said that they should investigate the case and punish those responsible.

China has one of the highest rates of suicide per capita in the whole world. A suicide occurs every two minutes in China, according to a report released by the state media in China earlier in 2011.

Featured photo: Seehua


It is so tragic that sexual assault cases still happen so frequently in workplaces. If you know about a colleague being sexually assaulted, do file a police report immediately. 

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